It’s a lot better if you don’t have to wash your dog during the cold season. If you can somewhat wrap your dog until spring to keep it smelling fresh and looking clean, you perhaps would.  

For dog owners, winter can be a messy season. With melting snow and rain producing mud and puddles, it is reasonable to assume that your dog will require at least a single bath before spring arrives. Unluckily, cleaning dogs during the cold months is not as easy as it is in the summer.  

Fortunately, we are here to help. Aside from visiting a dog grooming Arlington salon, here are several things you can do.  

Go to a Self-Serve Dog Wash 

Grooming your dog during winter isn’t simple. For instance, it can be impossible to get a huge dog in and out of a bathtub or to comfortably fit inside a modern shower stall. Your ideal bet is to take it to a self-serve wash facility if you own a big dog.  

Almost every facility has a step-in bath. Thus, your pet can get in and out without any problem. A lot of these facilities also have tubs that are set at waist level. You will not have to strain your back from bending over while washing your dog. Aside from that, you will not have to mess up your tub or worry about pet hair clogging the drains.  

Do Not Utilize Human Shampoo 

Can you wash your pet during the cold months using your shampoo? It isn’t perhaps a great idea. Human shampoo is too acidic for dogs. It could irritate them. try utilizing a moisturizing shampoo if your dog has sensitive skin. You can also just wash your dog during the winter season using plain water.  

Utilize the Correct Form of Towel 

Though you might be tempted to utilize a normal towel to dry your dog, it isn’t a great idea. Those big towels can tangle the hair of your dog. They’ll get heavy and be difficult to handle when wet. You can utilize a lightweight towel instead that has been specifically made for dogs.  

Have a Warm Environment 

Turn up the heat in your home by a couple of degrees before you bath your dog during the cold months. With this, your dog will not get cold after the bath. You’ve got to ensure that the water you use for the bath of your dog is warm and nice as well.  

Have Your Dog Do Its Business Before You Wash It 

You are putting your dog at risk of hypothermia if you expose it to cold temperatures. Before you wash your dog, you should take it for a bathroom break. Aside from that, after your dog is washed, it usually gets a lot of energy. It is likely to have an accident if your pup runs on a full stomach or bladder. That’s why it is vital to take your dog for a potty break before you even wash it during the cold months.